Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fashion Fringe finalists; forum with John Galliano, Amanda Harlech and Nick Knight

So the launch party for Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden came and went – and went off extremely well last Friday, on the first really hot night we have had in London this summer. The proceedings, held at the St Martin's Lane Hotel, began with a forum to discuss the question of the coexistence of creativity and commerce in fashion. To debate the pros and cons we had Nick Knight, Amanda Harlech and, of course, John Galliano, our chair for the next two years. Even though the air conditioning was on the blink (it was supplemented by lots of fans) the comments were lively and there were many questions and comments from the floor – which I always see as a good indication of how things are going. Everything was streamed live and lots in the audience were busy tweeting, which pleased me very much. We are still correlating all the hits etc but I gather we were quite a topic last Friday

Yesterday's Evening Standard had a great picture and a very positive piece about the second part of the evening, which was the all-important announcement of John's choice of the three finalists at our party at The Ivy Club, complete with specially created cocktails and fabulous things to eat.

Although those of us who work on Fashion Fringe – including the pre-selectors – didn't have any say in the final selection this year we did make our own unofficial choice … and we came up with exactly the same three as John. A good omen, I would think. They were Alice Palmer, Corrie Nielsen and Jade Kang. Although they richly deserved to reach the final, I have to say that this time the field was really strong - and that is not just a cliche to please those who were not selected. We saw some very impressive talent this year and, as always, it made me sad that we do not have the funds to be able to help more people. Every year I feel this, of course, and it is mainly because in a fashion field that seems contented to produce endless simple little dresses I know there is so much more diversity and originality than one would ever imagine at fashion weeks or by looking in the shops.

So now we start our mentoring program for the winners and help them to get their collections ready for the show in September during London Fashion Week.


  1. Both you and John Galliano looked so sweet during the Covent Garden panel discussion, John with his double plaits looked like a doll.Why has he grown so thin these days? Please ask him to eat well :-)

  2. well done to all the finalists. my money is on Jade - the new Xander Wang, for sure!

  3. I found an amazing article on Jena. Theo who were last years winners - nice to see they are still going strong.