Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Fashion at the Time of Fascism: A New View

We all love a blockbuster exhibition, conceived as the last word, the definitive statement on a subject. We get them all the time as the major galleries and museums of the world - especially in New york and London- vie with each other to be the biggest, with the largest visitor figures and ticket takings.

But small can sometimes be beautiful, too, as we all know.

And London currently has an exhibition that ticks all the boxes – and at a fraction of the cost of most fashion-related exhibitions. Fashion at the Time of Fascism is based on a book with the same title. Both are a revelation. The book is the first English language examination of how fashion fared in Italy from the twenties, when the country came under under the control of Mussolini, to his downfall in 1943. The exhibition is a sophisticated developments of the book's points and even more strongly its illustration, most of which will be entirely new – and stimulatingly fresh – to most visitors in what is described as a pop-up display, clean and sharply focused to highlight this new ground. One of the most riveting aspects is the video of contemporary footage of fashion shows and the denizens of upper echelon Italians in this shameful period of Italian political life.

Well worth a visit – and entirely free.

The exhibition, in the Fashion Space Gallery of The London College of Fashion, John Princes Street, continues until June 17th but is not open on weekends,

(Fashion at the Time of Fascism: Italian Modernist Lifestyle 1922-1943 is published by Damiani.)

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