Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Singapore Fashion Festival Gala: DSquared, Carmen Kass, Audi

Carmen Kass, the Estonian supermodel who has opened for more top fashion shows than I can begin to remember – it would be easier to list the very few, and not very important, designers she has not modelled for – is as beautiful off the catwalk as on (and I can tell you that that's not always the case). I was sitting with her and Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared at the Audi gala event that officially kicked off Singapore Fashion Festival last night.

As you would expect in this city of lots of money and quite a bit of class, it was an elegant affair but Carmen still shone. She did it by going for simplicity. In a room full of women in beautiful jewels she wore none. Likewise with hair – artfully simple. And for anyone who still thinks models are dumb (which is so 1990s, in any case), she impressed everyone with her shrewd business acumen in the property world of her homeland. Definitely not just a pretty face.

Dean and Dan are a complete team, yin and yang. Virtually interchangeable. The twins are so close that they claim they never go anywhere separately. They were in great form, entertaining us with their camped-up versions of what we all expect internationally famous fashion designers to be. They even managed to
outshine the two new models (vehicular, not fashion) presented during the evening (to an accompaniment of longing male sighs) by the sponsors, Audi.

For me, the highlight of the evening was helping judge The Star Creation competition to find talented young designers from across Asia. The standard was so high that we decided to give four prizes instead of three.

That's very encouraging for someone like me who believes that Asia has some genuine fashion talent and will soon be making it apparent to the rest of us.

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