Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Anna Wintour is Right

Is the fashion world imploding or does it just seem that way?

Milan is over and it would seem that designers put a lot more effort into worrying about Anna Wintour's squeeze – trying to reduce the days that Milan has to show – than into the rather more creative business of designing clothes. Everyone is sore at being told that Italian fashion doesn't merit the space it did in its glory days, but they are missing another point.

Simply, Milan costs too much money for magazines and newspapers to spend too much time in. The limos that are essential in a city where every major designer insists on showing in the label's own HQ, usually long distances apart, cost thousands of euros. And, as every traveller knows, the taxi situation in this city is even worse than it is in Paris. So, Wintour is right. Better to have two days featuring the labels with an international reputation than to end up with no days at all because everything is too spread out and too much money goes on simply existing.

Of course, if the designers cut their advertising budgets – clearly a less and less effective means of getting the story out there – they could easily afford to subsidise the limos, hotels etc that London pays for to keep foreign buyers coming. That would bring the costs down and maybe keep the coverage up.

Not exactly rocket science.


  1. Ah yes, but if they were to cut their advertising budget as you suggest and purchase fewer glossy pages from Conde Nast, then Ms. Wintour would be even less likely to grace them with her presence, no?


    The Luxe Chronicles

  2. Anna Wintour is running out of ideas! American Vogue is so contrived and boring, a Miss Havisham of fashion.So much so that she has to patronise even crazy people like BryanBoy! She puts her initials on a piece of scrap paper, and BryanBoy claims to have gotten a note from Anna.This is the sad state of affairs in fashion.Anna should promote people with talent, not just a flaunting customer with zilch talent!

  3. Looking forward to your coverage of Paris Fashion Week! You are a blessing to fashion journalism, your articles are full of wisdom and so insightful, its a pity that people like you with so much passion and conviction to fashion are so hard to come by these days.At present fashion is viewed as an easy way to fame!

    I came across this painting depicting Paris Fashion Week as a woman! http://fashionfifthavenue.blogspot.com/2010/03/shes-back-after-long-hiatus-where-she.html

    Such a beautiful and complex painting, well worthy of our Paris lady! Looks like the work of a very complex mind! With people like these it's a silver lining that all is not lost in fashion.

  4. Not only is Anna Wintour's style boring, it's dated, and more about labels than beauty,function or style, which makes it vulgar. She looks like a caricature with her absurd sunglasses and her brittle over-designed outfits. You cannot find HER in it. Style is about emphasising and framing the individual. But perhaps thats the point, after all it would be hard to find an unvarying haircut that more conceals a face, its like she wants to disappear. What she has become, is a Thunderbirds puppet.