Saturday, 6 March 2010

As Sarah Sees It

As anyone who has been reading my blog since I started last September has probably guessed, I like to tell things as I see them. Not the same as how they actually are, of course, but I like to express my opinion as clearly and directly as possible. But there are areas of fashion that I have few opinions on, even though they are a vital part of the Planet Fashion mix.

So, I have asked a colleague whose opinion I trust and respect and whose writing I always enjoy reading to create a blog a couple of times a week to complement mine. She will be talking about high street style, beauty and who knows what. I've left the details up to her.

So do have a look at As Sarah Sees It, which you can access from the main web site. I know you will enjoy her intelligent, fresh take on things. She'll be a worthy addition to your blog roll.


  1. It would be easier to navigate to her site if you make the blog reference a hyper link instead of just plain text.

  2. I have to ask you this question.You talk a lot about the future of fashion journalism.It takes years of hard work and an ocean of knowledge to be respected and recognised.At least that was how it was till sometime back.Can you please tell me why BryanBoy and Tavi Gevinson have to be included in the panel of judges for the CFDA awards? What a ridiculous joke the whole event has become?So writing vulgar stuff and having zilch talent is what gets recognised by the industry? What exactly is the talent of BryanBoy? Except cross dressing what is his core strength?That only implies that the industry is populated/polluted by very mediocre people who have absolutely no passion for fashion but rather want to abuse it as an exilir drug for aggrandising their worthless self.Its a shame on every fashion house that promotes vulgar talentless idiots like BryanBoy!!! As for that 13 year old I don't want to waste my key strokes on that pesky grandma!