Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Paris Haute Couture: Overview and Images

So, Paris couture survived another season of doom and gloom - and did so rather well. Sure, it may not be healthy as it used to be when it was the fountainhead of fashion. Certainly, the rise and rise of designer ready-to-wear has not made things easy for couturiers but that doesn't mean it is time for the coffins. There's big trouble on the way for ready-to-wear so, as long as couture hangs on in there and loses no more big names, it won't just survive, it will also prosper.

You must have noticed how The Crash has made rather a lot of people very much richer than before and very much more blatant about showing it (£15 million a year for the new M&S boss and barely a murmur). The mood is right – and right across the globe, wherever there is a stock market.

Meanwhile, I hope a few more pictures from Paris couture make it clear why I love it so much … and think it still matters.

Top – Chanel: pictures © Larry Ewing
Centre – Chanel (left); Gaultier: pictures © Larry Ewing
Bottom – Valentino: picture © Larry Ewing

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  1. Tavi is a clever, pithy thirteen year old, perhaps an everygirl here. It's a case of "please don't hate me because I'm in the front row in a (fabulous) Stephen Jones bow" - she, and one must believe her parents are the real handlers here, should not be faulted for this moment of bloggerness that has placed enthusiasm and quirk into this milieu. I believe CBS is in talks with Anna Wintour (and hope that it's not true). Some kind of battleground and if it were good for the Haute Couture, I would accept it as Americanisms - good for the dress business.

    I'm saddened by bloggers that lack the discretion and training, the simple reverence and humility - Haute Couture is a cumulative mix of thousands of gentle hands sewing, fittings, embroideries and exquisite fabrics and not to be judged by eyes that are used to cute, hot, fast, celebrity fashion.

    It's a fine thing, the Haute Couture and the showings last week were not harmed by this moment, this sort of immediacy - but it was surely not helped.

    And I think this season was absolutely brilliant - some of the pieces took my breath away and the absolute finery of it always does.

    There's always a moment, I think, of recognizing handwork and appreciating it. I remember Manolo Blahnik picking up a hurache at Olvera Street in Los Angeles to admire the handwork ... and he was right to do so. The senora beamed at him from behind the stand, glad that someone could notice that.