Sunday, 28 February 2010

London vs Milan

Computer troubles have made me fall behind on London and now Milan is almost over….

I will say a little more about LFW now that I have read what other journalists have said but, before I do, I expect that you, like me, have been following the Italian shows. And I wonder if your views are the same as mine?

I have always believed that planet fashion is truly international, and that no area of it is deserving of special treatment or extra kindness just because we happen to live in the same country as the designers. In Britain, we are always told that Milan fashion is good because designers have a great deal of money to help them get the effects they want. In contrast, of course, poor little London …

It is rubbish, of course. Creativity never relies on money. All money can do is make things happen quicker, not better. We are in a global market and if our designers can't cut it, then we ultimately do them and London as a design centre a great disservice. Reading some of the London reports and blogs by people who are very familiar with the quality of Milan and Paris takes my breath away at the double standards they use. They praise designers in London who they wouldn't even mention in Milan if they were showing there. They seem to think they are helping London in having such a blatant double standard, but the fashion world is tough and can only be fooled for a very short time. By writing hyping copy about designers who have nothing to offer apart from the fact that they are based in London, such 'experts' do nothing but harm.

The level of creativity in Milan is higher than in London, just as creativity in Paris is higher than it is in Milan. These are facts that cannot be denied, although with less Anglo-Saxon hubris, they could perhaps some day be changed.


  1. Hear, hear!! I've often bristled at the blatant flag-waving of certain U.K. fashion editors and journalists who are experiences enough to know better. It might be easier to take if it weren't too often accompanied with the "dissing" of foreign designers. It does a huge disservice to their readers (who incidentally are the ones who actually purchase the fashions) and ultimately to their own credibility as commentators of fashion.

    I just got back from Milan where the city's incredible design verve and elegance was everywhere from the furniture to the interior design to the Milanese themselves. To acknowledge this takes absolutely nothing away from London and its own design talent. Moreover, to deny it would be utterly pointless.

    As usual, thank you for your unvarnished views. They're refreshing to read.


    The Luxe Chronicles

  2. It has been a very dull season, in my opinion, both in London and Milan. Thankfully we still have Paris...the pressure is on… as always… but it never fails to bring 3 or 4 wonderful collections.

    I'm so glad you brought up the double standard issue, it is so true; it also has to do with how corruptible most bloggers are. Discussed previously in The Luxury Chronicles we need to start filtering the serious bloggers from those who are just after the goody bags and the front row seats. There is no critical thinking, no objectivity and most of all very little knowledge of the clothes they are meant to be blogging about in the first place.