Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fashion Fringe in New York

Four exciting days in New York, on a promotional trip with the winners of last year's Fashion Fringe chosen by Donatella Versace and a team of industry experts at our finalists' fashion show during London Fashion Week. We are here at the invitation of Bloomingdales Soho, the young and trendy outpost of the famous American store. We were thrilled to see that Jena Theo, the winning label of Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, had been given the two windows on each side of the store entrance, along with a description of Fashion Fringe and its history.

We gave a presentation to the sales staff and then watched the customer reaction, which seemed very positive. While the designers schmoozed with the clients, the rest of the team were busy with Fashion Fringe appointments which I'm confident will lead to great things in the future. It's time to look beyond London. But New York is never entirely about work - or rather New Yorkers know how to blend work and pleasure. One of the best-known movers and shakers in U.S. fashion retail (discretion requires anonymity, I'm afraid) gave us a great 'meet and greet' drinks party in his apartment to which he had invited an A-list which included friends of mine and some of the top people in US retail and PR.

The evening ended with a late supper at the New York branch of Le Caprice, one of my favourite London restaurants, which opened on Fifth Avenue in October to instant success. Black and white, elegant, the Manhattan Caprice is clearly related to the Mayfair one but the clientelle are very different. Much more ebullient, very chic and expensively dressed, they were out to have fun. A man in white tie and tails with a very thin but beautiful woman caught my attention at the bar and made me realise how boringly men dress in London these days.


  1. Jena Theo's collection was immense, I bet the display looked amazing.

    I agree with the comment about men in London, I always see incredible pictures of mens style on The Sartorialist but they are rarely from London, mostly New York or Milan, it would be great to see some classic mens tailoring brought back!

  2. Missing this moment of fashion intensely. Loving that editors, Ms. Wintour and Carine Roitfeld, are prodding government officials, to do more for an industry that's been harmed by the lack of money for it, that the editors push fledgling talented eager designers to opportunities to show and prod buyers to respond.

    Love Yohji's romantic doomed men in his show beyond even the Hermes black cashmere riding jackets.

  3. Can't believe I missed the window. I live around the corner, but was away that week (just my luck!).

    So pissed!!