Sunday, 17 January 2010

In Milan, where I have some meetings about a project later this year, I was called by one of the people who look after for me. They're excited because the site is starting to take shape - they've just added video of some of my designer interviews – and I find it exciting too because it has the potential to become something different from both fashion journalism and fashion blogging. Both of those are about the now, the latest, what's happening, what's in and what's out. I see my web site as having a rather longer life and becoming a reference source for students, writers, anyone interested in fashion. We're already republishing entries from Fashion Moments and updated entries from the Directory of 20th Century Fashion. At this point we are dealing with the historic designers and labels, but we'll also be adding new assessments of designers who weren't around for the print edition of the directory, including those working for old-established companies which already have their historic entry. We'll be adding print and video interviews, extracts from my designer talks in London and links to sources of up to the minute fashion information.

It's no secret that I bemoan the lack of knowledge among many fashionistas, especially young students and writers. So it seems only right to put my money where my mouth is, as it were, and start providing another source of background information about fashion, designers and all aspects of good design.

Building the resource will take time. Check it regularly for updates – or let me know anything you particularly want to see.'


  1. Principles of balance and good design. What are they, now? Who, working today, are the best proponents? Why? (My selfish wish, asked)

    Otherwise, I thoroughly agree fashion blogs/journalists need to move away from 'news' to focus on analysis, context, criticism

  2. I can't think of a better bit a news on this rather bleak Monday morning. I look forward to soaking up the knowledge. Thank you Mr. McDowell.


    The Luxe Chronicles

  3. Looks like your site is destined to become a great source of information, as well as inspiration. Love the 'fashion moments' (as opposed to trends). However, I note that your videos come courtesy of net-a-porter. Does that make for truly impartial interviewing/journalism?

  4. I agree with Susan and Helene...what great news!!! Thank you!


  5. Really good news, Id love to see some focus on designers who influenced more than clothes- Antony Price for example without whom a decade would have looked rather different in music too!

  6. Some of my favorite forgotten favorites: Jacques Tiffeau and Clovis Ruffin.

  7. Colin, you don't know how excited I am about the Fashion Moments! I actually blogged about this/you back in Sept saying I thought it was time for an anthology. Here's a link to my post (hope it works!)