Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Erdem's Progress

Although we all know how fatuous lists of movers and shakes are, it's difficult to resist a feeling of pleasure if somebody we know is included. So I was delighted to read in the Evening Standard that Erdem is one of the paper's 1000 power list this year. He was the winner of Fashion Fringe in 2005, and I have been proud of how quickly he has become an international figure.

There are two reasons. First, he is an exceptional designer with a very individual approach to beauty, elegance and – a rare word in today's fashion – the charm of clothes. Second, and equally important, he has something else that is rare, especially in London. And that is fashion savvy. Erdem knows the system; he understands the industry. He is able to make informed decisions both creatively and for business.

That is why I am certain, even in these difficult times, that he will continue to grow – at his rate and according to his judgements. Although he is only 31, Erdem has the maturity that brings confidence. He reminds me in many ways of my late friend Geoffrey Beene, the American designer.

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