Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bad News

Really sorry to hear that Luella has gone out of business – temporarily only, I hope. I made a short DVD with her earlier this year for Net-a-Porter and I thought she was such a natural, normal person with a great approach to life as a designer, businesswoman, wife and mother, balancing the demands of family life in Cornwall with her creative life in London.

Is she an isolated case or has the nemesis that many of us have felt has been hanging over London since the credit crisis started finally begun in earnest?

Certainly, I can think of at least three more British designers over whom the shadow of closure must be hanging - and all of them well-known names that received quite a lot of gush as part of the more-than-slightly hubristic celebrations of 25 years of the BFC, which prompted me to count the number of failed designer businesses in that time. Have a guess. More than twenty - and still counting.

Let's hope Luella can find some new backing soon.

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  1. Fashion world is mourning. Save Luella! http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/11/11/save-luella/