Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Productive Weekend

I had a good weekend at the sea, working on the book I am doing with Matthew Williamson. I've almost finished transcribing the tapes of my interviews with Matthew, his parents and his business partner, Joseph Velosa. They are all good talkers, have good memories and are very open, even about intimate things such as changes in the relationship between Matthew and Joseph. Although no longer a couple, they are still very much business partners, and they both claim – quite independently – that they are as close now as ever, except for living in separate houses (although very near each other). The story reminds me of two things. First, most successful young designers have a business partner to help guide their progress. And second, the business of fashion has little time for emotional indulgence: if working with a former partner is the best thing for the business, then that's what happens.

I've already started writing the text and the book is going well. In between the writing I jotted down some ideas for next year's Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden. We always have to start planning almost immediately after one year's event for the next and are already having meetings to flesh out our ideas. The team is small, but everyone is efficient and hard-working and above all has imagination. One other thing: they are all strong enough to trim my sails when my ambition flies too far from what is achievable – or affordable!