Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Day of Eating

A day of meetings and eatings, starting with breakfast at the Wolseley. Kippers and toast with John Rushworth of Pentagram who, to give him his full title, is the creative brand and identity consultant for Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden. John designs our show venue and all our printed material and we all think highly of him not just because Pentagram is still, after many years, London's best design consultancy but because he gets what we are all about and always finds an exciting new way to encapsulate our mood each year. I always like to run our ideas for the new year past him and get his feedback.

Then Tiffanie Darke, my editor at The Sunday Times Style, popped up, looking fabulously healthy and casual. Her explanation was that she now cycles in London as much as she can and had just arrived by bike. Lunch was at Cipriani's with Violet Fraser, who works for the exclusive jeweller Moussaieff of Bond Street. We had a delicious meal but I was strong and said no to wine.

A meeting with a young English designer over tea made me realise that I had been sitting at one table or another virtually all day, so it was a relief to go to the London College of Fashion for the opening of a really interesting exhibition looking at hair in all its many forms, including an old bath with hairs sticking to it, Victorian cartoons and old fashioned curling tongs plus good modern photographs. Well worth a visit because it has a stong point of view about a subject not often dignified with an exhibition.

Then to - you've guessed it - the last table of the day for a dinner of potted shrimps and chicken and mushroom pie at Bob Bob Ricard which, apart from the food, has the great advantage of being only a minute from where I live. Tomorrow, I eat nothing.