Thursday, 1 October 2009

Beyond These Shores

Iust received some pictures from an event I took part in a few weeks ago at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

I was one of the judges for Designer Nest, a competition to find and encourage young student designers from art schools and colleges across Scandinavia and Greenland. It was a great experience. The clothes ranged from wild and wacky to elegant and grown up and, not for the first time, made me realise that the English mantra that our fashion colleges are the best in the world does not go entirely unchallenged. There is a lot of very good work being done around the world which we have little interest in finding out about. More modest, too.

It was a long time since I had been to Copenhagen and I had forgotten what a civilised city it is, with a lot more to recommend it than the Little Mermaid, including great architecture from eighteenth-century classicism to plate glass modernity, good food and charming people – all of whom speak perfect English. I had a great time. 

The Crown Princess came to the show and was so informal and relaxed that she was happy to show how much she was enjoying it. She took an interest in the students and talked to them individually and at length. We sat together next to each other during the show and I was delighted that she was so informed – about both fashion and education. Danish fashion is lucky to have her so clearly and enthusiastically on board. 

The Crown Princess's Australian roots show in her informal approach to royalty.