Monday, 28 September 2009

A Trip to Munich

Spent the day in Munich, looking at a fabulous collection of original fashion drawings by the greatest names of the twentieth century. Privately owned, it really is a total history of how fashion was illustrated from about 1910 to now. I am hoping to create an exhibition of this neglected area of fashion before all the artists' names are forgotten by people in the fashion world. The paradox is that, although fashion drawings very rarely appear in magazines today, collectors clamour for them. 

The owner of this unique treasure trove knew most of the artists she has in her collection, and she told me a nice story about one who, in the fifties, was driving his mother somewhere when they had a terrible accident in which she was killed. Although inconsolable at his loss, he took comfort from the fact that at least she was wearing Balenciaga when the crash happened. 

Fashion people!  What can you do?