Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Quiet Saturday

Having a relaxed weekend at my house on the coast of Kent. I do all my writing down here because it is very peaceful: there is nothing but sea and sky between me and the lights of Boulogne. I escaped here late on Thursday evening, after my conversation with Christopher Bailey of Burberry.    

Today, I've been working on the third issue of Distill, a magazine set up last year to collect all the very best pictures from fashion magazines from around the world and reproduce them in one place. The rationale is simple. Not even the keenest fashion-follower can keep up with all the magzines – and certainly can't afford to buy them – so we bring their best stories to our readers. Our criteria are also simple. We don't look at the clothes but at the work of the people who so often get forgotten: the stylists, art editors and, preferably, emerging photographers. In a sesnse, we look at the magazine page as a minor work of art and I must say we have seen some incredible photoshoots since we began, many from magazines I had never even heard of - and I am the editor-in-chief! How shaming is that? But I am getting better.

The new issue of Distill comes out in the last week of Ocober. But you won't find it in the newsagents because this time our contents will be available direct to an Iphone. I have to admit I was a little uncertain about how this would work but, to my delight, the stories absolutely glow. Readers will be able to see them as many times as they want, whenever they want, but also to share them with their friends at a tap of the screen.