Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Looking Back at Fashion Week

So, Burberry brought LFW to a resounding close with a huge show, followed by an even huger party in their new headquarters in Chelsea. The world and its wife was not in it. EVERYBODY had been invited and they all seemed to turn up. At the same moment. Tomorrow, I am holding a public conversation with Christopher Bailey, Burberry creative director. I hope he won't be too tired!

Emma Watson at the Burberry party; © Alan Davidson

What else is there to say about London shows and events celebrating the 25th anniversary? Full marks for the new venue, Somerset House. It seems to work properly and certainly gave stature to the exhibition housed in the many small rooms in the main building. For some time now in the old venue, the spaces have had about as much allure and glamour as a Moroccan bazaar. ON/OFF, Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden are all within… I almost said easy walking distance, but nothing is for a girl in fashion heels. The only problem is New Gen designers, who are now showing in the wrong part of town which it takes too long to get to.

Could we hope that the BFC has finally summoned up enough courage to stop spending a fortune on free airline tickets and hotel rooms for  foreign buyers and journalists and learn to stand proud – as proud as its officers look sitting centre of the front row at shows… which always worries me. They are bureaucrats and are there to organise, not to watch, fashion shows, surely? Or, if they do feel it is part of their job, surely they should be at all the shows in the same force. It would be very wrong were they to give the impression that they have pecking orders and partiality – their position demands total impartiality. All or nothing is surely the rule in any political role – and especially when a body is responsible for deciding how considerable amounts of public money are to be distributed.