Monday, 21 September 2009

LFW Monday - and Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden!

I am thinking more and more that the current muse of London fashion is a hockey-playing geography teacher – and we all know how stylish she would be.

I felt this very strongly – and it was a good feeling – at Henry Holland's jokey fashion show, but his muse was a geography mistress on acid, all fired up in her lace and big knickers. Lots of bright colours and a sense of fun so lacking now that London fashion has become an adjunct to Oxford street.

Jaeger also had a touch of the hockey mistress… but much less fun. This woman was trying so hard to be a lady from the past, in ghostly colours and formal shapes that were somehow not quite then and not quite now, in its bid for an elegance fewer and fewer women identify with. Low points in a collection that just missed the highs were the semitransparent wide shorts (who? why? where?) and shoes which looked as if they had been designed by someone who had never seen a pair but had heard them described a very long time ago, paraded down a runway of white carpet (wool… Jaeger… geddit?).

I can't not mention Fasion Fringe @ Covent Garden, now in its sixth year. The final took place in the Flower Cellars at Covent Garden, which were fabulously transformed by Inca Productions, who also  
choreographed the shows of the four finalists. What I love about FF is the fact that it looks outward and, as befits an international multi-ethnic society, accepts any international contestants who fulfil the visa requiremnets for living and working here. This time our finalists were from Britain (2), Greece (1), Serbia (2) and Kazekstan (1). The panel of judges, chaired by Donatella Versace, included Natalie Massenet of Net-a-Porter; Anne Pitcher, director of buying at Selfridges; and the designer Antoni of Antoni and Alison.

Introducing Fashion Fringe © Alan Davidson 

Finding the designer to award the elegant trophy designed especially for us by Jessica McCormack not an easy task but the decision was finally made that Jenny and Dimitris, whose label is called Jena.Theo, were this year's winners. Congratulations to them – and to the other finalists who did such a good job too.

Jenny and Dimitris with last year's winner, Jeun Jeong (EJ) ©Alan Davidson

Colin, Donatella, Dimitris and Jenny with Jessica McCormack's Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden trophy. Image © Nick Harvey.