Saturday, 19 September 2009

Weighty Matters

 Is it because the current chairman of the BFC, Sir Harold Tilman, is as slight as a whippet that all his colleagues have slimmed down this year? Or is it that they have been working so hard on the anniversary celebrations? Or is it the fact that, no matter how fashion goes on about anorexic models, even those who are charged with trying to change the situation actually secretly admire skinniness so much that they try to join the thin ones?

There is an illogicality at the heart of the campaign against thin models. An appreciation of the slender over the rounded is in our cultural DNA. As everyone knows, if you want to soften somebody up, all you have to say is 'You've lost weight', and the smiles come immediately. If you add, 'I preferred you when you were heavier', they disappear again just as quickly.

If we really wanted to change the situation, surely we should get the smiles when we say, in an encouraging way, 'My, you have put on weight!'

CAUTION! Do not try this in the presence of children or the delicate, as the reaction can be dangerously explosive! And certainly never with anybody who, even in the remote future, might be in a position to offer you employment. Because these things are not only remembered for life as great insults; I suspect they are taken to the grave and revisited on the Other Side!